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    House Update

    As many of you already know, Oli and I are building a place to live above our in-law’s home in Quatre Bornes. We are six months into the building project, which is being managed by one of Oli’s uncles (who happens to be a building contractor). The basic structure is complete—it has floors, walls, and a roof!—but many of the finishings and fittings still need to be done. As I write this, workers are busy tiling the bathroom and laundry room walls and I can hear the tap-tap-tapping as they go. There is still all the electrical and plumbing work to be done yet, as well as painting the walls…

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    Design Frenzy (and 10 things on my design features wish-list).

    I’ve been consumed by all things interior design recently. My Instagram feed has been entirely overrun by Architectural Digest, Dwell Magazine, Vogue Living and West Elm (just to name a few). A few weeks ago I downloaded a new app (or is it a game?) called Design Home, an interactive tool for decorating fake rooms with digital furniture (tiny renderings of actual furniture!). The rules of the app (game?) are fairly simple—decorate a room to be voted on against other players’ designs. If your room receives a 4+ star rating, you win a prize (typically a piece of digital furniture to add to your inventory). The game is highly addictive…