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    We’re in Mauritius!

    We made it to Mauritius! (Old news for those who read my most recent post, “Making a Move”). June 5 will forever remain the anniversary of the day we landed in Mauritius. We’ve been here almost two weeks now and every day we have had work to do and errands to run for the new house. Except for Sundays when businesses close early and work is suspended. Yesterday (a Sunday) was spent relaxing at the beach in Trou Aux Biches, a region in the north of the island. We took the (relatively new) highway between the mountains through the center of the island. Le Pouce (The Thumb), Montagne Longue (Long…

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    Making a Move

    André is fast asleep, the house is quiet save for the occasional clang of a tool as the workmen continue the housebuilding upstairs. I’m sipping on tea (sweet vanilla tea grown here in Mauritius) and I’ve decided to tackle a new blog post. It’s daunting. I haven’t written a post in weeks and there’s so much to recount and reflect upon. Where to start? Anyone who has endured a move knows how much work goes into it (“endured” because they are rarely pleasant beyond the initial excitement and the sweet relief once it’s all over). We spent weeks in preparation—putting together documents (for residency permits), selling cars and furniture (not…

  • At Flic en Flac beach in Mauritius
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    We’re moving to Mauritius! (Because who doesn’t want to live on a tropical island?)

    You guys, it’s finally happening! We’re moving! Oli and I have been talking about moving since we got married in 2013. Oh, we’ve moved since then—from a townhouse, to a teeny tiny studio apartment, to a 4-bedroom single-family home—but all within a 20-mile radius. What I mean is, we are moving, moving. Internationally. To the other side of the globe.   The United States was never going to be a permanent home for us. Being international transplants in the U.S., we knew we would one day make our way back to either one of our home countries. We just didn’t know which one (New Zealand or Mauritius?) and we didn’t…