• Dream Home

    Dream Home

    Two years ago, Oli and I bought and moved into our first real home—a four bedroom, three bathroom single family home in East Palo Alto (EPA), California. I was really excited about this house because, when we bought it, it was still under construction and we could pick a few of the finishings—flooring, cabinet colors (but not style), counter tops, carpets, and bathroom tiles. I had so much fun talking with interior designers and thinking about color schemes, countertops (marble vs granite vs quartz), and types of flooring (hardwood vs manufactured wood etc). However, since our house was part of a development with an HOA, there were certain constraints and…

  • Mauritian Cuisine

    Cuisine de l’île Maurice

    Hi all! This is just an introductory post to Mauritian cookery and cuisine. In future, I’d love to add step-by-step recipes, with images (perhaps even videos), of my favorite Mauritian dishes as I learn to cook them (so you can learn along with me!). I’ll also add reviews (of sorts) of the various restaurants, cafes, and other eateries that we visit. My brother-in-law has already mentioned a good Lebanese restaurant in Quatre Bornes that he’d like to take us to (Lebanese food in Mauritius?! I’m intrigued…).   One thing I am so looking forward to is all the delicious Mauritian food I will get to eat on a daily basis.…

  • Globe atlas
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    True story: a few months ago Oli mailed a package (from California) to Mauritius. It eventually made it to Mauritius (not entirely in one piece) but not before taking an unexpected detour to Mauritania*. Mauritius, Mauritania. I get it, it was an easy mistake to make. My point is, Mauritius is not on many people’s maps. It certainly didn’t seem to be on the U.S. Postal Service’s map. Whenever we send a package to Mauritius, we cross our fingers and hope like hell it reaches its intended destination.   If you’ve heard of Mauritius, chances are you know it as a coveted vacation destination. White sandy beaches, azure waters, tropical…

  • At Flic en Flac beach in Mauritius
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    We’re moving to Mauritius! (Because who doesn’t want to live on a tropical island?)

    You guys, it’s finally happening! We’re moving! Oli and I have been talking about moving since we got married in 2013. Oh, we’ve moved since then—from a townhouse, to a teeny tiny studio apartment, to a 4-bedroom single-family home—but all within a 20-mile radius. What I mean is, we are moving, moving. Internationally. To the other side of the globe.   The United States was never going to be a permanent home for us. Being international transplants in the U.S., we knew we would one day make our way back to either one of our home countries. We just didn’t know which one (New Zealand or Mauritius?) and we didn’t…