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    How to Have a Baby in Mauritius

    Oli and I have been contemplating the idea of having a second child (and I want to stress the words contemplating and idea!). Before we became parents, we’d daydream about how many kids we wanted to have and we settled on the number three (if we could be so lucky). We both come from siblinghoods of three so that was a number that made sense to us—it felt neither too large nor too small. Also, they say good things come in threes—the three musketeers, three-piece suits, the Hanson brothers…But then we actually had a child, reality kicked in, and we finally understood why many couples choose to have only one…

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    Design Frenzy (and 10 things on my design features wish-list).

    I’ve been consumed by all things interior design recently. My Instagram feed has been entirely overrun by Architectural Digest, Dwell Magazine, Vogue Living and West Elm (just to name a few). A few weeks ago I downloaded a new app (or is it a game?) called Design Home, an interactive tool for decorating fake rooms with digital furniture (tiny renderings of actual furniture!). The rules of the app (game?) are fairly simple—decorate a room to be voted on against other players’ designs. If your room receives a 4+ star rating, you win a prize (typically a piece of digital furniture to add to your inventory). The game is highly addictive…

  • Dream Home

    Dream Home

    Two years ago, Oli and I bought and moved into our first real home—a four bedroom, three bathroom single family home in East Palo Alto (EPA), California. I was really excited about this house because, when we bought it, it was still under construction and we could pick a few of the finishings—flooring, cabinet colors (but not style), counter tops, carpets, and bathroom tiles. I had so much fun talking with interior designers and thinking about color schemes, countertops (marble vs granite vs quartz), and types of flooring (hardwood vs manufactured wood etc). However, since our house was part of a development with an HOA, there were certain constraints and…