Mauritian Cuisine

Cuisine de l’île Maurice

Mauritian Cuisine

Hi all! This is just an introductory post to Mauritian cookery and cuisine. In future, I’d love to add step-by-step recipes, with images (perhaps even videos), of my favorite Mauritian dishes as I learn to cook them (so you can learn along with me!). I’ll also add reviews (of sorts) of the various restaurants, cafes, and other eateries that we visit. My brother-in-law has already mentioned a good Lebanese restaurant in Quatre Bornes that he’d like to take us to (Lebanese food in Mauritius?! I’m intrigued…).
One thing I am so looking forward to is all the delicious Mauritian food I will get to eat on a daily basis. Both my mother-in-law and father-in-law are excellent cooks of local Mauritian fare. My father-in-law, in particular, excels in the the kitchen. He has cooking skills that would make Jamie Oliver sit up and take note.
Mauritian cuisine is a peculiar mix of Indian (both northern and southern), Chinese, and French influences. There is also a distinct Indian Ocean cuisine, in which the rougaille (a tomato-based stew) features prominently. But most notable, perhaps, are the Indian-inspired curries, chutneys, and flat breads. One of my absolute favorite meals (and one of my in-laws’ specialties) is farata—an oily, fried flatbread usually served with a curry and fresh tomato chutney. (The farata also makes a delicious breakfast, smeared with butter or a sweet spread like pineapple jam. Yum!).
Farata, an oily Indo-Mauritian flatbread
Surrounded by abundant sea life, seafood dishes are a staple of Mauritian cuisine. Fish vindaye, crab bouillon, dried shrimp & plantain curry, and octopus salad are just some of the many popular seafood-based dishes (Oli is partial to octopus salad but I’m not such a fan of the rubbery texture of octopus tentacles, although I do have adventurous tastebuds so I’ll try just about anything).

Rice and noodles are also staples of the Mauritian diet (thanks in large part to the Chinese-Mauritians). When we visited in August 2017, I asked Oli to take me and my family (my parents and brother were with us) to a local eatery—any local eatery, so long as it was in fact for locals (i.e. not catering to the tourist crowd). We ended up at Lotus Snack, a small, unassuming restaurant set back from the main road of Quatre Bornes. You wouldn’t know it was there unless you were, in fact, a local. Its specialty dish was fried noodles with meat and vegetables (much like a chow mein) which locals like to jazz up with vinegar or chili sauce.

Lotus Snack Quater Bornes Mauritius
Lotus Snack, a Chinese-Mauritian eatery in Quatre Bornes
Our diets are going to change quite dramatically when we move to Mauritius. In the past (i.e. before we had a child) I would say that I ate mostly fresh garden salads and fruit smoothies. Mauritians aren’t so big on garden salads, although there are plenty of tropical fresh fruits and veggies to be found at the markets. I can’t wait to explore and stretch my taste buds!

Stay tuned for more on Mauritian cuisine!

Hi! I'm Flo In January 2018, my husband and I set ourselves a pretty epic New Years resolution—to move to Mauritius! We would be relocating from the San Francisco Bay Area to the tropical island paradise of Mauritius, half way around the world, with our toddler in tow. My husband, Oliver, is a native Mauritian (I'm from New Zealand) and part of our desire to move to Mauritius was to be closer to extended family as we looked towards growing our own. Oliver is also a "techpreneur" and we are discovering exciting opportunities to bolster the burgeoning tech industry in Mauritius. My own background is in public health and, in this arena too, there are endless opportunities to connect, create, and make an impact. I created this blog as a space where I could document and share my family's big move—from my own perspective, as a mommy in Mauritius. I'd also like to use this platform to engage with other moms, starting with mommies right here in Mauritius. I envision an active community of moms, both online at Mommy In Mauritius and offline, sharing their passions, experiences, stories, skills, and knowledge. Thank you for joining us on our adventure!


  • Alam Kasenally

    Dear Flo
    Thank you for the wonderful article on local food. We can’t wait for you to come 🙂
    I used to go to Lotus Snack as a high schooler with my best friend. Nothing has changed. The son of the owner now runs the business. Still as yummy. Will share our favorite haunts when you come including the beach farata shack. If you ask nicely they will let you into the production line.

  • Urania

    Hi, Flo,
    Your blog is beautiful! Hope you and the family are enjoying your travels. I’m looking forward to hearing more about your new life and keeping in touch. We miss you all already!

    • flo

      Thanks Urania! Working on some new posts now that we’ve made it to Mauritius and are settling in.
      Hope all is well back in EPA!

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